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Cooper River Bridge Run 2009!

This past weekend Ben and I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run with my mom and 83 year-old grandfather for 2nd year. Honestly, I was not really looking forward to it given the past few weeks events. I had not … Continue reading

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First 5k of 2009

Yesterday we completed our first race of 2009! I love getting back out on the road and having a race on our calendar always provides enough motivation to keep our runs throughout the week. My sister, Sara’s sorority at ECU … Continue reading

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Current Obsessions…

During my run this afternoon, I realized I have a few obsessions lately… Running (obviously). I set out for a late afternoon run and took it easy since I’ve got a bad case of shin splints, which I thought had … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day!

Today was one fantastic day…and I’m pretty sure it’s all because of my run. I haven’t really felt myself for about 2 weeks now. I guess with no excercise, horrible eating and holiday stress it’s expected. Today I took a … Continue reading

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Running Funk!

I never thought I really LOVED running and I still just like it a lot because of the way it makes me feel. But, I’ve been in a funk for for a few weeks and have really noticed it the … Continue reading

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Road Runner at Heart

Have I mentioned how much I hate the time change and its always dark…which means no more running outside. I don’t mind the cold, it’s the dark that is keeping me away. So tonight I tried a new gym, which … Continue reading

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Sunday Running….

This afternoon Ben and I ventured out to downtown Raleigh for the Old Reliable 10k. Ben decided not to run and would just watch me this one time. While I was a little lonely at the start line waiting to … Continue reading

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Happy Veteran’s Day

Being that it’s Veteran’s Day it was a relaxed, short day at work. I didn’t have anything have anything I HAD to get done today, but it was nice to have a quiet day in the office to get a … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Done…

Another project is almost complete. We finished painting the living room today and other than finding dark brown curtains and a rod, we’re practicaly done. Eventually we’ll add crown moulding, but first we need to finishing painting the rest of … Continue reading

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Yep…you guessed it….

Work, Dinner, Wine, Sleep…and Blog! Another long day at work and home in the pitch black. But, I’m enjoying my leftovers from Sono…Pan-seared Sea Bass, rice, steamed broccoli and a big glass of wine. Maybe some pumpkin ice cream later! … Continue reading

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