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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today has been a busy day full of time with family. I ate till I was stuffed this afternoon and may have a bite or two of dessert for dinner, but I doubt I can fit anything else in. This … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Here…

I’ve been eating Thanksgiving stuff almost every meal since Sunday and yet I still couldn’t be more excited for dinner tomorrow night with my mom and lunch on Thurs with my dad! We had leftovers from the Stafford Thanksgiving last … Continue reading

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Nonstop Weekend…

It’s been a Marathon weekend in the Stafford house the past few days. After one of the longest weeks in a while, we’ve been looking forward to the weekend since probably last Sunday evening. We kicked Friday night off with … Continue reading

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A little change…

I figured it was time to change up the view a little bit. Don’t you love the new blog look? The last template I found was a pain to update and every page element I had was lost, but these … Continue reading

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Road Runner at Heart

Have I mentioned how much I hate the time change and its always dark…which means no more running outside. I don’t mind the cold, it’s the dark that is keeping me away. So tonight I tried a new gym, which … Continue reading

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Brrring Day

Not only was today cold, but boring! After work I wanted nothing more to come home and jump in my pj’s. My mom’s pup, Molly, is staying with us while my parents are in Charleston and the beach until Sunday. … Continue reading

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Black Friday on a Blah Monday

Today I started thinking about Black Friday and start combing through the many ads that are already listed. Since I’m slightly ahead on gift buying this year, I won’t need many things, but I do love the thrill of getting … Continue reading

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Sunday Running….

This afternoon Ben and I ventured out to downtown Raleigh for the Old Reliable 10k. Ben decided not to run and would just watch me this one time. While I was a little lonely at the start line waiting to … Continue reading

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Ballet, Bowties and Brews

This has been a pretty fun weekend so far and we’ve been busy!! Friday after work, we braved the rain and headed to Sanford to see Laura in the Nutcracker. She was a gum drop and a clown this year…and … Continue reading

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Hard economic times…

Today I safely survived the 3rd round of layoffs in the past 7 months at my company! I feel incredibly lucky to still have my job, but still a little unnerved that my time may be coming. If the market … Continue reading

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