Cookies for Santa

One of Tipp’s favorite activities at school the week before Christmas was cutting out dough ornaments with cookie cutters.  And his favorite place in kitchen to be is sitting on the counter watching Ben make pizza dough or me cooking dinner.  So I knew this year he would not only enjoy eating Christmas cookies, but baking them as well for Santa’s arrival.  After breakfast on Christmas Eve morning, I pulled out the mixer, rolling pin, flour and lots of sprinkles for decorating. Tipp watched intently as I mixed up a batch of sugar cookies then carefully rolled them out for cutting.

IMG 6683 IMG 6699

We used all of our cookie shapes to cut cookies and he had the best time decorating them with sprinkles.  He certainly knows how the oven works as he is constantly peaking into the oven to see what is baking.

IMG 6714 2

We gave the cookies a taste test as soon as they came out of the oven –  just to make sure they were good enough for Santa!

IMG 6725 2

I have to say I was impressed with Tipp’s attention span to bake cookies, which makes me excited not only for this tradition in the years to come, but a little helper in the kitchen everyday!

IMG 6747 IMG 6833

We’re all ready for Santa…

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