A Little Bragging

Usually my posts are about Tipp and the fun tricks he has mastered or the special milestones we have hit in his little life.  He is my pride and joy, however I just have to brag about myself for once…something I never do.  Being a stay at home mom was never an option for us for many reasons that include finances, benefits, socialization for Tipp and my well-being.  Of course I have many days where I wake up and wish I could stay at home with Tipp, but I know I’m doing the best for our family.  It makes our weekends and occasional days off even more special.

When I went back to work after a 5 month maternity leave, it was difficult juggling everything that included projects for work, monthly deadlines, getting home in time for Ben to go to work, putting dinner on the table, keeping up with the laundry and nursing Tipp full time.  Somehow I found time for all of it and even a few more hours to take on additional responsibilities at work.  Now, after 13 months it has all paid off and I received a promotion to Assistant Vice President.


The finance industry is a bit crazy, where you have to do the work and do an exceptional job prior to getting promoted.  On top of that you have to write an essay on your accomplishments over the past year to convince the Executive Board who have no idea who are you that you are worthy of this promotion.  After a process that lasted months, I was so relieved to get the official word that I had officially been promoted.  I have to say that next to my college graduation, this is something I am extremely proud of.

I have learned that I can have it all – the family and a career.  I strive to be challenged and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.  Everyone is happy and thriving, I enjoy my work, Ben will graduate this Spring and Tipp is doing wonderful at school 3 days a week.   Toys may be strewn out across the living room floor each morning before the leaving the house, mail might be piled on the dining room table, laundry is lucky to be done once a week and Tipp may enjoy one too many meals of chicken nuggets & cheese toast….but it works for us!

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