Tea Does Make Everything Better


As I sit here on the couch with a the biggest mug I own, full of piping hot tea, under 2 blankets watching Glee…I suddenly realize how much better I feel with a warm cup of tea.  It soothes my aching throat, warms me up, stops the chills, and brings back many wonderful memories.

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In the first few hours after Tipp was born and the c-section drained me of all of my energy, a nurse suggested tea made with ginger ale.  There was something about the bubbles that settled my stomach and relaxed my aching body.  In the first few weeks when I was exhausted beyond words, I remember sitting down to a cup of tea to have a little “ME” time.

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I have not always been a fan of hot tea, but one of my dearest friends, Meg and her mom are tea fanatics.  Growing up in the south the only tea I ever knew was sweet iced tea, while very delicious there is something about chatting with girlfriends in a tea house over finger sandwiches and tiny desserts that I am so grateful they introduced to us.  Now every year for our girl’s weekend we find a new place to have tea and catch up.  I can’t wait for the next year when our conversations will have turned from chatter about who is getting married, the newest Real Simple magazine or even the latest on our husbands, to hours and hours of indulging in stories of our wee ones.

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Now, my cup is almost empty and not only and I craving more, but more memories made with tea that warm my heart!  Here’s to a cup of tea as I crawl into bed and hope it washes away these horrible germs to get me through the rest of the week…

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