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For the past several weeks I have been admiring the adorable Turkey shirts on sites such as Etsy and Pinterest.  I had all intentions of ordering one for Tipp since I do not sew, nor do I have the time for another project!  But, time slipped away from me and of course I could not order one that would arrive before Thanksgiving.  Then, I got the crazy idea to find some crafiness and do it myself.

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After a little googling – I found a template and an idea for a no-sew version.  Last Friday, I left the office for the first time in months during lunch to scout out Walmart’s selection of fabrics.  I quickly found 4 coordinating patterns, brown flannel and Heat n Bond.  Later that evening I showed Ben my idea and I could almost see him rolling his eyes as I added yet another item to our weekend ‘to-do” list.

Saturday morning while Tipp ate his Carrot & Zucchini Yogurt muffins, I got to work on what could possibly be the easiest DIY project ever!


  • 3-5 different fabrics for the feathers and body
  • Heat n Bond
  • buttons
  • t shirt
  • Iron
  • needle and thread
    IMG 6250

First, I printed this template from The Cottage Home for the feathers and body and cut squares of fabric.

After my iron heated to the medium setting, I applied the Heat n Bond to the back of the fabric by ironing the adhesive side for approximately 4 seconds.

IMG 6254

Use the template to trace the turkey body and feathers onto the back of the fabric pieces.  You will want approximately 11 feathers.  I also cut out a triangle for the beak in the orange fabric I had.

IMG 6256 2

Peel the back off the fabric and arrange the feathers.  I started with the outside and working my way in.  This was the hardest and most time consuming part to get them centered and symmetrical.  Once you have the turkey positioned iron the design on a medium setting for about 8 seconds or until the fabric has adhered to the shirt.

IMG 6257

I found 2 extra buttons for eyes and sewed them on (the only kind of sewing I do), however it would be extra cute to do some stitching to outline the feathers.

I had way more fabric than I needed, so I plan to make Tipp another shirt for next year.  I wish I had found more coordinating orange and maroon fabrics so this would have been a football season shirt for cheering on the Hokies!

IMG 6259



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