In honor of Tipp’s Upcoming Half Birthday…

I am finally documenting his First Birthday! I am no Martha Stewart, but I have to say I was quite proud of how his Jungle themed party turned out. You know how you get these ideas in your head and usually they never turn out the way you envision them….well every aspect of the party I had envisioned turned out to be better than I expected!

When I first started thinking about his party I knew we could not have it at our house and so we took a chance and decided on a local park in Apex. I went back and forth with how much or little to do…I researched for months themes, cakes, party favors and decorations. Sometimes my ideas seemed more challenging than realistic and I had flashbacks of the days where I planned my wedding. But somehow the party came together thanks to lots of family and friends for chipping in – Meg for helping with the decorations and entertaining Tipp while I got everything loaded, my parents for helping set up and clean up, Sara for her wonderful ideas and her neat handwriting on the candy jars, Zack & Amanda for picking up the balloons, my wonderful husband who not only put up with my big and crazy ideas, but supported them and humored me for a one-year old’s party (when, really it was my party!) and of course a big thank you to all of our friends and family for coming to celebrate Tipp’s First Birthday!

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